Am I a LASIK Candidate?

The only way to ensure you safely and accurately determine if you are a Lasik candidate is to have a thorough exam with the right equipment.  Your Optometrist can measure your prescription but very few have the equipment that maps the exact topography of your eye.

That topography equipment is essential to determining if you are a good Lasik candidate whether you are nearsighted, far sighted or have an astigmatism.

The in-depth analysis of your eye with the right equipment can also detect any possible abnormalities or pathology that might be of concern.  Also, it is important to note that the detailed topography of your eye is unique to you, just like a fingerprint.  This means that if you are a candidate for Lasik, the topography of over 10,000 points (22,000 with Contoura) in your eye is synced with and guides incredibly precise laser movement.

So the only way to ensure you can safely have LASIK is through a full evaluation by an authorized LASIK Surgeon.

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