What is Contoura®?


If you are looking into Lasik Eye Surgery, you may have heard of Contoura®. Contoura® is producing results that are surprising even to the Ophthalmology community. In a recent FDA study, Contoura® was found to have the highest probability of producing a 20/20 outcome.

What was mind blowing about the Contoura® study is that 64.8% of the patients had results better than 20/20. The primary reason for this is the way technology with Contorua® integrates to create a topographical map of over 22,000 points in your eye. The lasers are software guided in a more precise way than regular refractive eye surgery based upon the proprietary software integration. Please beware of providers who say they do the topographical maps of your eyes the same way. Unless they are using the Vario and Forcity technology integration, which can be expensive, they are not doing the same thing.

Lasik101 is working with elite California eye surgeons to understand how they are fine tuning the surgical procedure even more. The result are very interesting. For example due to the increased number of points in the eye which are enhanced by the laser, the healing time is longer than regular refractive surgery. While there should be a noticeable improvement quickly, it can take up to a month to have the full benefit.

In a recent evaluation of Contoura® at one of our vetted providers patients, nearly 80% had 20/15 one month after the surgery. What that means is the patient could see at least one line better on an eye chart than when they were wearing their glasses or contact lenses. That is an extraordinary result.

However, Contoura® is not for everyone. If you have a thin cornea or have had PRK you might not be candidate. The only way to know for sure is a Lasik eye surgery consultation. If you would like to find vetted provider in your area please feel free to give us a call or fil out the attached registration form.

On average, LASIK lasts for decades for the vast majority of people.

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