LASIK Eye Surgery Age Considerations

Theoretically you may be able to have Lasik at any age. However, the reality is that your eyes change as you age.

For example, Presbyopia starts to occur around the   age of 40.    This is natural change in your eyes that will cause you to need “cheaters” to see up close. This happens to everyone to some degree.

Another interesting fact, according to the National Eye Institute, is that cataracts generally do not impact sight until after   age 60.  There are always exceptions of course.  Given that a common procedure for cataracts is lens replacement, this can be a more valuable procedure than LASIK.

So, if you are  over 60  and seeking a LASIK consultation, do not be surprised if the patient counselor suggests that you have cataracts and a different type of surgery is a better option.

There is some controversy as to how young someone should have LASIK eye surgery performed.  Some surgeons will perform LASIK on patient as young as 18.    However, when they do, it is important the Dr. check the stability of the patient’s prescription and any other medical condition that might exist.


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