Can I wear contacts after LASIK?

Yes, it is safe to wear contacts after you have had Lasik surgery assuming your eyes have fully healed.  Many people ask why that might be necessary?

Typically, this question would arise years after your Lasik procedure. If it has only been a short time since having Lasik and there is a noticeable deterioration in your vision, you should see you eye doctor. While it will be completely safe to wear contacts, a rapid deterioration of your visions should always be checked to ensure there is not another cause like Keratoconus.

Wearing contacts after LASIK

For some patients, Lasik may not have been able to fully correct your vision.  In those cases, it may be advisable to wait up to 3 months for full healing and using glasses during that interim time period.   Also depending upon your prescription strength prior to Lasik surgery, there could have been enough cornea removal during your surgery that will make fitting you with contacts a little more problematic.

For those situations talk to your Optometrist and ensure they are adapt at fitting contacts for post LASIK patients.

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