Does Insurance Cover LASIK Surgery?

Lasik surgery is an elective procedure and is usually not covered by insurance.  However, there are some employers who provide a Vision Service Plan (“VSP”) that sometimes will contribute to covering your Lasik procedure.  Othere plans may cover anywhere from 15%-20% of the cost.

Some companies also offer Health Savings Accounts (“HSAs”) which can be used for Lasik coverage.  To be sure you should check with your benefits department.  These are funds that can be used at your discretion for medical services.

One additional item to bring up during your Lasik consultation is whether the provider has a co-management program with your Optometrist.  The reason is, the pre-surgery dilation and post-surgery visits are shared between the Lasik surgeon and the optometrist and provided at a lower rate thereby lowering your cost.

In vetting the top surgeons in your area, we have specifically tried to identify the best providers that also offer these types of co-management services.  That way even if you do not have a regular optometrist, the Lasik surgeon can provide one that they coordinate with on a regular basis.  This helps maintain quality and control cost.

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