Best LASIK Surgeons

The best Lasik surgeons tend to be brilliant.  But how do you know?

There are some important questions to ask your surgeon or consultant during your evaluation.  If they cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, exit.

A very simple question is how many types of Lasik surgery do you provide?

If it is only one, that is a red flag.  One surgeon we know only does PRK and they steer everyone to PRK.  We think that is wrong.  While PRK is a safe and effective procedure, it is not necessarily the best for everyone.

How many surgeons are in their practice? 

If it is one, that may not be a bad thing but how do they quality control their work?  It is biased perspective if only one person is doing the surgery and monitoring outcomes.

Do they have any type of clinical review committee that meets on a regular basis?

The best surgeons usually start out understandably more conservative than others. Over time as they gain knowledge and experience, they become more comfortable with different procedures.  One way that happens is with peer reviews on a regular basis of both straight forward and complicated cases in new or emerging areas.  Ideally, these types of reviews should take place monthly or even more often when necessary.

Do they have outcome studies for their different types of Lasik as well as with different equipment? 

The best organizations often have very collaborative relationships between their surgeons and equipment providers.

As you would expect, when surgeons provide accurate outcome studies and allow for the easy sharing of information with their providers, everyone wins.

Ask them to share their outcome stuides as to how they compare to national and global results.

How many Lasik surgeries have you performed? 

This is a great question for your Lasik surgeon.  The answer should be thousands and for the best surgeons, it is often over 50,000 surgeries.

Have you ever operated on family members?

Another very telling question is, “have you ever operated on family members?”  This tells you about their experience and confidence.  If you then asked, if I talked to them what would they say? While some may think this is a bold statement. It will be interesting if they offer a name.

One of the most comforting questions we have heard, or not, is how many other eye doctors have you performed surgery on? For the best surgeons, the number is usually hundreds.  This tells you they are not only a great consumer choice, but they are the Doctors choice as well. 

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