What does LASIK Cost?

Are you going to trust your eyes to discount providers with questionable pricing methods?

In speaking with countless Lasik patients, we have never heard of any Lasik patient receiving the heavily discounted prices of $250, $799 or even $999 per eye.  In our experience, these advertisements nearly always reflect bait and switch tactics.  We have called dozens of these providers and when we press them to give us the real price, with a true price comparison, it is usually a range that captures most of the market in their demographic.

The surgeons and clinics we recommend all have the most advanced technology, great surgeons and are usually providing monthly insight to learning institutions and manufacturers. They consistently have the safest and best sight outcomes, and while competitive, they are not the low-cost providers.  So, if you are looking for a premium experience with a true lifetime guarantee, the cost is usually $2250 to $3100 per eye.  These prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees or addtional costs to your Optometrist for pre and post oprative exams.

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