LASIK vs Contacts

Patients often ask if Lasik is a good alternative to wearing artificial devices to see better. The answer is generally yes and here are the reasons why.

If you are wearing glasses or contacts, you need an artificial method of seeing better.  Depending upon your prescription, one consideration is whether this can create any type of unforeseen hazard for you.  In many vocations such as police or fire the answer is yes because of the possible loss of any artifical device like glasses or contacts. This is why most agencies require a certain vision capability.

Eye Infection Risk with Contacts

What many people are not aware of is the frequency of eye infections with contacts versus Lasik.  If you wear your contacts on a regular basis but take them out at night, you have about a 5X probability of an eye infection versus the general non-contact wearer or Lasik patient.

If you wear your contacts around the clock at times, there can be as much as a 17X probability of eye infections over a non-contact wearer or Lasik patient.

Wear and Tear on Ducts from Contacts

Also, there is new research that seems to indicate years of contact use may create some wear on the tear ducts inside the eye lid which can lead to dry eyes.  Many contact wearers use artificial tears to address this.


From a sight safety, infection and ease of use viewpoint is appears Lasik is a great alternative to wearing contacts.

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