Key Surgery Considerations

The surgeon, technology and surgical center are all critical to ensuring your Lasik experience is the safest possible.

While Lasik is one of the safest medical procedures you can have, there are still risks.  Picking the right provider is paramount of course, but what other factors are important?

The surgeon’s experience is the most critical variable along with the technology used.

The technology should be the most advanced for a variety of reasons.  The more advanced lasers and technology increase precision and reduce laser time. This helps ensure faster healing times and less likelihood of infection.

Other important factors include following the exact pre-operative protocols of the surgeon.

For example, if you wear contacts, typically, you should be out of your contacts for a certain number of days depending upon the frequency of your contact use and your prespctiption level.  This is because your eyes should be in their most natural state when the procedure is performed.

It is also important to follow any drops regime suggested by your Doctor.

They may start you on artificial tears, antibiotics or vitamins prior the surgery depending upon your history.  This ensures that the cornea is as healthy as possible prior to surgery so the healing is faster.

One of the most important rules to follow is your post-operative directions.

Do not rub your eyes or expose them to any unnecessary activity immediately after surgery.  The healing time may be a day or so with regular refractive and a little longer for PRK.  If you think you may accidently forget and rub your eyes, use protective glasses. Many Dr’s give you these as a precaution.

Of course, there are other basic rules that apply.  If you are sick, postpone your surgery.  Even if it is only a cold. Your surgeon will understand.


Finally talk to your Doctor and ensure you know exactly what they want you to do. And not to do, so that there is no room for interpretation after your surgery. 

Lasik is incredibly safe and you helping to keep the risks even lower is a great strategy for a successful experience.

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