Lasik Prices by Procedure

The number one reason Lasik prices vary by procedure is due to the technology used.

The same surgeon may be skilled in multiple procedures such as Contoura™, regular refractive and SMILE but the prices will vary.

The technology used in different for each procedure for a variety of reasons.  For example, Contoura™ measures over 22,000 points across the eyes and create a detailed topography of the unique hills and valley’s in your eye.  The result is a much more detailed sculpting of the cornea by the laser that often provides results better than 20/20.

Regular refractive, which has results in our providers of 98% plus by using the best technology and surgeons, usually starts at about $2250 per eye up to $3,000 per eye.  Contoura™ being on the higher end is about $400 more per eye due to the technology.

The rates may vary a little depending upon the region of the country as well as the cost of living in the particular area.

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