How does LASIK work?

LASIK eye surgery is a process by which the cornea is reshaped to help it appropriately refract light to the retina. 

There are usually two steps to having Lasik eye surgery.


One of the best ways to think about it is how you read a book.

The first laser makes a very fine ¾ circle incision about 2 human hairs thick.  This is the equivalent of the cover on a book.  There is a portion of the cover attached and it is gently brought back so the second laser can be used.


The second laser essentially creates the finely detailed writing on the page.

In other words, the second laser sculptures the cornea to exact specifications unique to your eye.  This is carefully programmed based upon the topography of your eye.  The entire process for both lasers takes less than 10 minutes when the best lasers and most experienced surgeons are conducting the surgery.

Once completed the flap or “book cover” is then closed carefully back in place.  By leaving about 25% of the flap attached, it is easily and naturally guided by the surgeon back in place.  This flap is one of the fastest healing parts of the human body. Within a day the flap has naturally secured tightly into its original position.

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