Why LASIK prices vary

Many people are under the impression that all Lasik prices should be the same.  The reality is that Lasik prices can vary widely, even with the same technology.  So, what are the factors that cause Lasik prices to vary?


The number one reason prices vary is the technology used.

As you would expect the most advanced technology with the most updated software is going to be the most expensive.  The next impact on price is the overhead of the clinic.  Are they in a high rent city? Are wages higher? Is the surgical center state-of-the-art?  While all of these may help create a better experience, the associated cost may be a little higher than another exact center in a different area.

Is your provider a research center?

Several providers we know work extensively with the manufacturers conducting studies which continue the enhancement of their technology.  This overhead has a price, but it is also typically tied to the surgeons who have the best outcomes.

Volume is also another answer

This is an interesting one.  If you are seeing considerable Lasik volumes through a center, with only one or two surgeons, and the technology is among the best, is that a good thing?  Maybe.  One pattern we have witnessed in some high-volume centers is their pre-operative and post-operative Lasik care is not as thorough. For example, they will conduct the entire Lasik consultation and dilation of the eyes in one exam.  While there circumstances that this is Ok, particularly if done in the right sequence for an expedited surgery, this needs to looked at closely for the high wear contact user. Otherwise, the outcomes can be less than desired.  Also, the best protocols have up to six (6) visits to track the healing and any changes in your eyes over the first year. 


Six Follow-ups?

Some surgeons do not find six (6) exams necessary and cut cost by eliminating several of these. Those are often the providers not working with manufacturers and higher-level learning institutions.

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