Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Orange County

The best Lasik Vision Correction Surgeon in Orange County
If patient’s come to you for Lasik surgery from all over the world does that constitute world class? Well,
meet Dr. Tom Tooma, Lasik101’s surgeon of the decade.

Dr. Tooma is the most credentialed eye surgeon we know of. Some of his accomplishments are:

1. Since 1993 he has performed over 130,000 Lasik eye surgeries
2. Has documented outcomes for patients getting 20/20 binocular uncorrected vision that are 9%
higher than the US Lasik industry average. 99% vs US average of 90%.
3. Has documented outcomes 5 times better than the US Lasik industry average
4. Will only work with the latest technology to attain the best patient outcomes
5. Works with manufacturers to provide outcome study data and analytics for equipment
6. Has performed over 500 surgeries on Optometrists. He truly is the Dr’s number 1 choice
7. Helped lead the way on Keratoconus research and the cross-linking procedure that saves the
sight of mostly younger patients
8. Has performed many surgeries on his own family members since his outcomes are unsurpassed
9. One of the original architects of the true “life-time Lasik guarantee”
10. Leads the medical review panel for 54 eye surgeons to exam difficult cases
11. Leads medical ophthalmology missions throughout the world providing the gift of sight and
dental care to over 250,000 under privileged people in the past 20 years

When we asked Dr. Tooma about his contributions to the world of better vision, he talked about 3
things. First, the ethical obligation to ensure you are providing the best possible care to the patient. This
means you must understand the patient’s sight concerns and seek to relieve any anxiety they may have
if possible.
Second, the obligation to provide the safest and most predictable outcomes through use of the most
advanced technology. Interestingly, to DR. Tooma this does not mean just understanding how to use the
technology. It means taking a deep dive into exactly what the technology does, how it works and what
could possibly hinder its effectiveness. For example, measuring up to 22,000 points across the
topography of the eye can be extremely helpful. However, that is not enough. The Doc then goes on to
explain that having the proprietary software that integrates and guides the lasers is essential. Some
providers measure the topography, but their cornea reshaping lasers are hand programmed and may
not have the same result as a software guided laser.
He then goes to explain the integration with the software shortens the length of time is takes for the
laser pulses to impact the eye. This does 2 things. The eye is impacted in a much more precise manner
giving better outcomes and it takes far less time to achieve the result. What was incredibly revealing
were the FDA approved studies that showed 64.8% of all Lasik patients using this combination of
technology and great surgeon experience achieved better than 20/20 vision. Dr Tooma's personal
statistics were better, 80% of his patients achieved better uncorrected vision than 20/20 vision after this
Lasik procedure and 99+% did have uncorrected binocular vision of 20/20.
Third, he shared his views on the importance of staff who are dedicated to the patient experience.
While we have spoken with many great surgeons, seldom do you find an industry leader that is so well
rounded in how they view their medical and societal role.

If you are looking for the safest outcomes and competitive pricing, please give Dr. Tooma and his team a
call to receive a free Lasik consultation. The toll free number is 1 855 940 1404.

Finally talk to your Doctor and ensure you know exactly what they want you to do. And not to do, so that there is no room for interpretation after your surgery. 

Lasik is incredibly safe and you helping to keep the risks even lower is a great strategy for a successful experience.

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