Solana Beach Lasik Eye Surgery

Solana Beach California Lasik Eye Surgery Story

How did you first get interested in lasik Eye Surgery in Solana Beach?

Elaine - I was getting a lot of cordial scratches on my eyes from my contact lenses and my eye doctor recommended Lasik to end this continual problem.

I also wanted to get rid of my eye glasses

How was your first meeting with the Lasik doctor?

Elaine - They basically dilated my eyes as a final step to see if I am appropriate for Lasik Surgery, afterwards the Doctor was very clear to wear sunglasses and avoid the sun after the procedure as it increases light to your eyes for several hours.

After you had been approved for the procedure how soon did you get the Lasik Surgery done?

2 hours later they were doing the procedure.

Can you explain in detail what exactly happens during the procedure.?

Elaine - Yes, The first step was the nurse had put a disinfectant on my eye lids with a cotton swab. Then I went into the surgery room where I laid down on my back and they put numbing drops into my eye. They then placed a sticky paper over my eyes that gently kept them open. Then they put moisture drops in my eyes.

As I look up all I can see is a soft light, then at this point the machine was above me and I felt a slight pressure , the laser procedure begins at this point. Then we were done, it was very quickly complete and painless for me.

Solana Lasik Eye Surgery

Solana Beach Ca Lasik Eye Surgery

After a short moment they took me in another room and had me open my eyes, it was amazing to read the poster in the office that was just a blur to me before, there was a slight hazing look to everything however the doctors explained that this was from the drops in my eyes and it would be crystal clear shortly, and that was exactly the case.

My doctor recommended I take a nap when I got home and I did. I had to wear special glasses to keep the sun out and keep me from touching my eyes, I didn’t drive home, my husband did.

My doctor also said not to watch tv or look at a screen, I also had to put eyes drops in my eyes often to keep them moist and anti antibacterial properties.

Now there was a slight pain in my left eye that went away after a day, it feels incredible to clearly again, not since I was a young child could I see this clearly, no more glasses , I am very pleased I got this procedure done.